The Carl Gustav Collection - 3 - Songs in the Key of V

VOTR presents an ongoing series of album releases by our house artist, Carl Gustav. As a gift to our loyal listeners we are offering these recording to be used royalty free, for any project, as long as credit is given to Carl Gustav and a link to is offered. We hope you enjoy.
Songs in the Key of V Track List
(1)  Killshot
(2)  Orange Cone 2 The Quickening
(3)  Rowdy Crowd (CCCC Theme)
(4)  There Are Men
(5)  In the Company of a Stranger
(6)  Cyäegha the Destroying Eye
(7)  Bird Buttmud
(8)  The Haunting of Studio H
(9)  Longshot
(Bonus) Killshot Demo
(Bouns) Longshot (CK Vox) 
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