The Carl Gustav Collection - 2 - Vinnlandia

VOTR presents an ongoing series of album releases by our house artist, Carl Gustav. As a gift to our loyal listeners we are offering these recording to be used royalty free, for any project, as long as credit is given to Carl Gustav and a link to is offered. We hope you enjoy.
Vinnlandia Track List
(1)  Spider & Wonder
(2)  Smooth
(3)  VERB theme
(4)  Innsmouth Institute Lullaby
(5)  Professor Pepperpot
(6)  Filller thriller
(7)  Orange Cone
(8)  Man versus the Griffin
(9)  Rough
(10) Requiem for the Phoenix
(11) In the Key of V
(12) Deadzone Chronicles
(Bonus) Rough (Slow Burn Spiral Mix)
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