RPG Real Play Sessions Series 2 - End of Ages #4

Welcome to a new series in the RPG Real Play Sessions. This is The 
End of Ages using the Core Rules System of Jack's own devising.

Unfortutely ts episode is lost to the ages. Due to recording difficulties this one was unlistenable but to recap Dave's character only has three fingers now but at least he isn't dead. He also made a friend to the young Warden's sort of mascot, Percival P Porridge. The two went on some Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas type adventures before Astarius was oofered to be let free of his Warden obligation. Maybe due to the pain killers he was on he tried to get Percy thrown in as part of the deal. The shocked Warden's leader blaked at giving a strnage young man her ward and told him the offer was rejected so get back to the barracks. There we left off.

Join us next time for the continuing adventures!


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